Scientist Engineering and Material Sciences at Vertex in Boston, MA

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Job Description:

Vertex is seeking a talented individual to join the Engineering and Material Sciences group in Boston, MA. The successful candidate will be a highly productive, results-oriented individual, able to multi-task and generate and implement original ideas that contribute to the success, development, and scale-up of drug substance candidates. Excellent technical skills for laboratory experimentation and modeling, and the ability to lead and mentor other members in the department, are important for success in this role.

The successful candidate will:
  • Lead drug substance process development efforts via laboratory development, drug supply preparation, and technology transfer to third party manufacturing facilities.
  • Develop scalable crystallization processes, including solubility screening and measurements, solvent system selection, seeding temperature determination, MSZW and desupersaturation measurements, clarifying filtration process points, and yield/throughput estimation for the final API particle forming step.
  • Have demonstrated experience in the development and practical application of particle engineering technologies in drug substance development, including crystallization, technologies for crystal habit modification/control, wet and dry size reduction, spray drying, etc.
  • Utilize and maintain common laboratory process development equipment, such as Crystal 16, Easy Max, automated jacketed lab reactors, agitated filtration and drying equipment, FBRM, and ReactIR.
  • Possess a sound theoretical and applied understanding for the rational design and control of drug substance physical properties at the drug substance-formulation interface.
  • Conceive, execute and interpret laboratory experiments with a high degree of reliability and independence.
  • Have demonstrated experience with modeling complex, physicochemical systems; data analysis; statistical design of experiments; QbD concepts, and fluency with common physical property and process modeling tools.
  • Assist in the timely development of novel and creative technical solutions to overcome scale-up and manufacturing obstacles.
  • Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and have the ability to interact, lead, and collaborate within an interdisciplinary team comprised of chemical engineers, organic, physical, and analytical chemists, materials and solid-state scientists, and formulation development personnel.
  • Contribute to the drafting of required cGMP, regulatory and technical documentation.
  • Mentor and develop junior engineers.



  • Bachelor's Degree with 8 plus years', Master's Degree with 6 plus years' or a PhD with 4 plus years' related experience.
  • The ability to successfully lead and collaborate within an interdisciplinary scientific team environment comprised of organic, physical, and analytical chemists; chemical, materials, and mechanical engineers; project team members; and manufacturing personnel.
  • Proven communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills.

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