Seasonal Part-Time Pool Attendant at Community Management Associates in Evans, GA

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The primary function of the Pool Attendant at Riverwood Swimming Pool is to ensure that only Riverwood Pool members use the facilities. Listed below are policies to help attendants understand the expectations the Board of Directors in implementing this program.


• Pool Attendant hours occur in two shifts per day: 11:00 am 4:00 pm and 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Sunday shifts run 12:00 pm 4:30 pm and 4:30 pm 9:00 pm.

• An additional shift may be required, especially during the summer months. During peak season, there will be three shifts per day: 10:30 am 3:00 pm, 1:30 pm - 6:00 pm, and 4:30 pm 9:00 pm, excluding Sundays.

• Pool Attendants will be scheduled from April 1st to September 30th, with only weekends in April, May, and September. There may be extended schedules due to holidays.

• Pool Attendants must be able to work all shifts and seven days a week, if necessary. No single Pool Attendant will be given a certain shift off each week, such as Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings. The schedule will be alternated fairly so no one person is placed in the same shift on a regular basis.

Age, Dress Code, and Responsibility Requirements

• Pool Attendants must be a minimum of 16 years of age.

• Pool Attendants may wear a bathing suit (no red bathing suits or shorts as this represents lifeguard) and take a quick dip to cool off; however, when sitting at the table, Pool Attendant shirts must be worn.

• Pool Attendants are expected to be mature, responsible adults.

• Pool Attendants should not yell across the pool area for any reason.

• Pool Attendants are to be polite and respectful to members. Should a situation arise where a confrontation occurs, Pool Attendants should contact the Pool Committee Chair or the Property Managers office as soon as possible.

• Pool Attendants are expected to show up for their shifts on time.

• Pool Attendants are expected to find a replacement if they are unable to work their scheduled shift.

• Pool Attendants are not permitted to bring their children or let their non-pool member friends enter and/or sit with them while at work. The Pool Attendants attention belongs on the front gate and on the members.

• Long vacations will not be accommodated.


• Pool Attendants are responsible for emptying both trash cans on the deck and in each

bathroom, cleaning both bathrooms, straightening the deck chairs and tables, and picking up

abandoned pool toys.

• Pool Attendants with Closing Duty on Fridays includes disposal of the Lost and Found bin


• Pool Attendants must be able to enforce the member policy.

• Pool Attendants must enforce the swim-diaper policy: All persons who are NOT potty-trained

and those that are incontinent are required to wear swimmy diapers or other protection that is

designed to prevent contamination.

• Pool Attendants are to enforce the proper bathing suit/attire rule consistently. Even though we

cannot dictate what residents wear into the pool area, we can require proper swimwear in the

pool. Proper swimming attire must be worn when using the pool. Cutoff shorts are not

permitted at any time, since loose threads may cause permanent damage to the pools filter


• Should a Pool Attendant see someone with a glass container at the pool, please explain the No

Glass Containers at the Pool policy.

• If a pool member or guest is intoxicated, Pool Attendants will need to call the Columbia County

Sheriffs Office non-emergency number: 706-541-1042.

• Pool Attendants must assist or ask members to fill out the Attendance Log daily.

• Pool Attendants on duty at 4:00 pm must test the water and notify ASP if the water is too high

or low, according to the chart.

• In the event of inclement weather and the pool closes mid-shift for the remainder of the day,

Pool Attendants will be paid only for the hours in which they worked, not scheduled.

• Pool Attendants should call Debbie Patrick for permission to leave early in the case of inclement


• Pool Attendants are expected to assist in keeping the deck clean. For larger maintenance needs,

monitors should inform Debbie Patrick and fill out a maintenance request form.

• Pool Attendants must ensure the pool parties are run smoothly and the area returned to original


• Pool Attendants are seasonal positions.

• Pool attendants are paid every two weeks on Wednesday; payroll is submitted on Monday after

the pay period.

• It is the Pool Attendants responsibility to keep up with his/her hours and clock in correctly.

• Pool Attendants do not receive overtime or holiday pay.

• This list is not all inclusive; there may be other duties assigned.

. Requirements:

Must be 18+

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